EpiTrax Surveillance System

The EpiTrax Surveillance System has a proven track record in providing epidemiology staff with the tools to manage public health demands. Effectively collecting, organizing, and maintaining epidemiological data, the EpiTrax system can manage all disease groups and more.

EpiTrax is an open-source epidemiologic and disease surveillance software designed by the Utah Department of Health (UDoH). Adopters of the EpiTrax suite of applications are encouraged to join the consortium of jurisdiction and vendor members who discuss enhancements and contribute to the ongoing development of the product. Open-source software offers much faster turnaround times than other vendor/​client relationships and lowers costs.


EpiTrax allows jurisdictions to quickly establish new conditions, including environmental, forensic reporting, and others.

The user experience is customizable in EpiTrax, with fields being hidden or displayed based on condition and/or agency. Permission-based roles ensure that sensitive conditions and information are only visible to authorized users, as well as define processes per user.

EpiTrax contains a powerful form-building utility that is easily customizable, allowing jurisdictional users to create forms for investigation and reporting purposes. Users can configure questions and value sets based on configurable lists, cutting down on free-text entries and ensuring data quality. Forms can be attached automatically or manually and assigned to specified agencies and conditions.

Users can configure forms based on Message Mapping Guide (MMG) formats. Forms can be shared across conditions, aiding in the use of forms across comorbidities. Users can relate fields to existing core fields and sections. The question formats accommodate many data types including address, phone, and dates.

Vocabulary in the EpiTrax system is managed by users. Treatments, vaccine data, organisms, test types, and more can be easily added and edited as needed.

Integrations with External Systems

EpiTrax is designed to integrate with external systems, such as death data and immunization systems, to share data and ensure a more robust data set.

The Outbreak Module

  • Link cases with outbreaks
  • Create customized forms to associate with outbreaks
  • Associate state and local outbreaks
  • Share outbreaks across agencies
  • Link outbreaks to facilities

Exporting — Ad-Hoc Reporting

  • Built into EpiTrax
  • Users can pull from and filter any field in EpiTrax
  • Save exports in both shared or personal folders
  • Data is exported as a CSV file enabling uploading to any data analysis program

Smart Dates

The EpiTrax system has incorporated “smart dates” which are calculated by user-defined condition parameters to assist with the accuracy of incubation periods, isolation time, infectious days, etc.