Testing & Training

End Point fully supports our clients during every step of developing and using CasePointer. From launching the system, integrating data, and customizing the different components for your jurisdiction, to training those who will work with the system, we harness the experience and talent of our team to match your needs in the ever-evolving public health landscape.

Our CasePointer team has established a thorough testing process to ensure that all updates, enhancements, and bug fixes go through our QA processes and are tested by both developers and subject matter experts. We work with our clients to help them understand new functionality and guide them through the testing cycle.

End Point trainers are previous users of the system, and as such are intimately familiar with workflows and uses. We have developed user manuals for EpiTrax, EMSA, the NMI Module, and the Disease Reporting Portal. Along with the comprehensive manuals, we have also created targeted training materials for frequently asked questions.

Our regular approach to training is a “train the trainers” method. We work with your key stakeholders to configure and understand every aspect of your systems. End Point trainers normally set up a series of online meetings with administrators and power users of the various applications to run through a rigorous training. We recommend a training environment for all of our clients where users can freely engage with the system without fear of losing or modifying production data or potentially exposing protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII).